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When currents couldn’t bring warm water to heat otherwise cold latitudes, short periods of cooling interrupted the melt.The findings show the ice sheet had completely melted by 9000 B.“To make good public policy, we need data to inform our decisions,” Caffee says.“In the case of climate change, that data will come from computer models.It turns out its melt was anything but a slow and steady process, geologically speaking.” Reconstructed chronologies of ice sheets can be used to test and improve climate models.

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The detector measures the radioactive isotope beryllium-10, which is created only when the rock is exposed and hit by cosmic rays.

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BY ELIZABETH GARDNER Large parts of North America were tucked under the Cordilleran Ice Sheet during the last ice age.

It was assumed that as the climate warmed, the ice slowly slipped away, like being awakened by a gentle turndown of the sheets.

New findings suggest it was more like being splashed with a bucket of ice water, with a rapid melt that swelled sea level nearly 20 feet higher.

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