Python error validating verification code

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Take a look at the snippet below to see for yourself. Lorsque vous travaillez avec un token d’accès, vous pouvez être amené(e) à vérifier les informations qui lui sont associées, telles que son utilisateur ou sa date d’expiration.

Si une personne a annulé l’autorisation associée à votre app, cette dernière doit la traiter comme si elle n’avait jamais utilisé votre app.Exceptions raised by the validation library are not intended to be caught.We assume that validation failures indicate that the caller is being used incorrectly and that the error and will be interpreted by a programmer and not the machine.While this code doesn't actually test if an email is real or fake, it does make sure that the email entered by the user is in a valid email format (a string of a certain length containing characters followed by an @ symbol followed by characters followed by a "." followed by more characters. It will need to be modified to be used in as a form validator, but you can definitely use it as a jumping off point if you're looking to validate email addresses for any form submissions.The code for validating is actually pretty simple, and is very similar to the way you'd perform this particular task using any other OOP language.

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