Queued updating replication

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Merge replication does not require a primary key, but if one is present, it must be replicated.

Snapshot replication does not require a primary key. There are no restrictions on the number or types of publications that can use the same distribution database.

If the table is dropped from the publication, the rowguid column is removed; if an existing column was used for tracking, the column is not removed.

If a transactional publication supports queued updating subscriptions, replication adds the column msrepl_tran_version to every table.

Validation reports on whether a given Subscriber is synchronized with the Publisher.

For more information, see Validate Replicated Data.

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A: Sp_replcounters is a system stored procedure that returns information about the transaction rate, latency, and first and last log sequence number (LSN) for each publication on a server. Running this stored procedure on a server that is acting as the distributor or subscribing to publications from another server will not return any data Q: If I create a publication with one table as an article, and then change the schema of the published table (for example, by adding a column to the table), will the new schema ever be applied at the Subscribers? Schema changes to tables must be made by using Transact-SQL or SQL Server Management Objects (SMO).

A : Merge replication and snapshot replication do not affect transaction log size, but transactional replication can.

If a database includes one or more transactional publications, the log is not truncated until all transactions relevant to the publications have been delivered to the distribution database.

A : Replication functions properly using any of the recovery models: simple, bulk-logged, or full.

Merge replication tracks change by storing information in metadata tables.

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