Rules dating jewish women

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5) Rapid Conquest—Shortly after Islam began, Muslim armies conquered a great deal of the world in a rather short time.

Muslims attribute this as proof that Islam is true. Alexander the Great conquered what he had thought was the entire world before he died.

Should we assume Judaism is true because Einstein was inexplicably brilliant and also a Jew?

Should we assume Christianity is true because Michelangelo’s art was beautiful and he was a Christian? Thirdly, less than one thousand years ago, Arabic was the most common language spoken by the Jewish people, replacing Aramaic, which had been their common language for approximately 1500 years, since the Babylonian Exile.

Maimonides had a brilliant mind, knew the entire Jewish Bible, the Talmud, and numerous other Jewish writings exceedingly well, in addition to being the personal physician of the sultan of Egypt.

Jews have known Arabic, Jews have read the Qu’ran in the original tongue, and Jews such as Maimonides have been completely unimpressed by it (for reasons such as those listed at the end of item #2).

Are we to attribute Alexander’s success to his gods (heaven forbid! Secondly, the book of Genesis tells us that G-d promised Abraham that Ishmael would become a great nation.What inspires one person might not inspire another.Secondly, this interferes with us explaining the creative genius of figures like Einstein in the sciences, or Michelangelo in the arts.Islam claims some very famous miracles, such as the splitting of the moon.Realistically, had this happened, everyone on Arabia’s side of the planet would have seen it, yet no one else ever wrote anything about it.

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