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I am looking for people just to chat for a start, maybe something will come out after.

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For now, Tinder’s registration only acknowledges that it is storing the data in Russia.

But O’Brien says the move is about Russia “asserting broad jurisdictional control over personal data.”Because Tinder is an American company, prior to the law, Russia couldn’t legally access that data without working through the American judicial system.

Oleg Kozlovsky, a Russia researcher at Amnesty International, says that corruption is widespread in Russia’s law-enforcement agencies and that it’s “not unlikely” that information about Tinder’s users’ private communications and sexual orientation could be leaked and even used for blackmail.

“There is effectively no oversight, judiciary or public, of how this information is accessed and used by the secret services,” he said in a written statement.

Dating apps are an attractive target for repressive governments because they collect a lot of highly personal information about their users, including photographs and intimate conversations.

While the fines are laughably low right now, there are reports that Russia is threatening to raise them significantly, charging as much as 1 percent of a company’s annual revenue in Russia for an infraction.

The Tinder request is part of a string of restrictive actions the Russia government has taken in recent years to control who uses the internet and how.

Most recently, Russia moved to bolster its firewall.

But it wasn’t able to block Telegram without blocking access to many other, unrelated websites.

After more than a year, the government still hasn’t found an effective way to keep Russians from using the service.

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