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In real life, it is important to build long-term relationships built on friendship.

It seemed the guys in the audience were laughing out loud more than the girls, so that may say something about the movie’s sense of humor.

From beginning to end, she plays the ultimate self absorbed, affection crazed, overly secure, vengeful, psychopath.

I mean I have never laughed harder in my life than watching Anna Farris in this role.

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Also pay special attention to the brotherly love and war that both Chris and his brother have.

“Just Friends” tells the story of a man named Chris (Ryan Reynolds of Blade and Van Wilder) who was the heavy nerd in high school who is in love with his best friend Jamie (Amy Smart of the Butterfly Effect).

—Spectacular, mind blowing, moving and inspiring are NOT the words to describe the new comedy “Just Friends.” However, hysterical, side aching, rolling out of my seat romantic comedy is exactly how I would describe the movie.

Anna Farris steals the show playing the Courtney Lovesque rock star with the most insane antics.

He is asked by his boss to land a contract with one of his ex flings, Samantha James (Anna Farris of Sin City) who is the latest and greatest, wild and crazy new rock artist.

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