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Hollywood is a funny place because nobody has to grow up ever. We'll say things that are just absolutely unholy to one another and that seemed to kind of spark it up for us.Nobody's disappointed if you're on your 14th marriage--they just applaud for some reason. But I think in the real world, for everybody, it's a completely different thing. There's no bad times when you have those three co-stars (Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz and Abigail Breslin). Sometimes I felt like I was in a romance with New York City. So everyday there'd be a different actress that I'd be working with, and because of that, they'd bring out different things in me.It felt really unusual, actually for a romantic comedy. I had no idea who Will was going to end up with, or in what fashion.I wouldn't even necessarily call it a romantic comedy because the comedy, albeit present in the film, felt sort of incidental. I also feel like the movie is a love letter to broken families.Most of these child actors--you never know going in right? You know, you can't manufacture chemistry, so thank God we just had that. But I've learned over the years that the way to have chemistry is to not try to make something. But she's not the girl that runs and jumps in your arms when you see her.I realized early on that that's not going to be our relationship necessarily--I'm just going to treat her like a young woman."Maybe" has the Canadian actor playing Will Hayes, a young father in the middle of a divorce, whose precocious daughter Maya ("Little Miss Sunshine" Abigail Breslin), challenges him to tell her the story of how he and her mother fell in love.

Will's precocious daughter is perfectly played by Abigail Breslin, but it's Aussie actress Isla Fisher who keeps the romantic tension bubbling.I met the humorous but sincere actor at Manhattan's Regency Hotel recently to find out more about "Definitely, Maybe" and about Ryan's views on romance, improv, and politics.Ryan Reynolds: One of the things that attracted me to the part was that it felt like a romantic who-done-it.by Cole Smithey February 11, 2008 Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia Ryan Reynolds is best known for his participation in the bawdy comedy "Van Wilder," and for his muscle-bearing performance opposite Wesley Snipes in "Blade: Trinity." Reynolds' rising star status in Hollywood has him appearing in writer/director Greg Mottola's ("Suberbad") next film "Adventureland," and his current outing in writer/director Adam Brooks' romantic comedy "Definitely, Maybe" finds the 31-year-old former fiancé of Alanis Morissette hitting his stride.For a Valentine's Day romantic comedy "Definitely, Maybe" hits all the right notes of commitment, honesty and maturity that go into a young father's explanation to his daughter about the women he dated before she was conceived.

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