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I had to get shitfaced for Deadpool and Logan, and even then I was hiding my face half the time. I'm in a hot tub (don't worry, I have my floaties on) and I want to talk to you!So, even though I 100% *love* dramatic story-games like The Last of Us, Witcher, and Sekiro… (Also because I suck at them, but who's counting.) That does at least mean that if you stream it or play for me, I will happily be right beside you, watching, cheering, geeking out, and occasionally backseat gaming. Let's carry a conversation, flirt and talk about whatever!I remember wrapping myself in a jacket with cardboard with a freakish grin while sobbing. I was first thrown out of my home punitively in 2013 when I was 14, for arguing with my father. Also, he would smell like horse, sweat, and body odor, and they would probably both have breath that smells like what Satan unleashes after a drunken night at Taco Bell. I’m trained to do that, which also means I have a certificate for being a good listener.I don’t know why, but ever since I have always smiled whenever I am in sorrow or pain. I recall wandering in a park without my spectacles and showering with a sink in a public bathroom at a café . Don’t laugh, it’s a nice trait to have in a companion. It’s because I often feel very sad when someone else is and I can’t help and can be very sensitive to insults and being yelled at by people I care about.

My mother has always told me to submit and accept injustice, because life will never be fair. There may or may not be a laundry basket full of stuffed animals in my closet right now.Here’s a pic of my face I’m a little shy and reserved but once I get use to you, I talk a lot and always have a million questions.I like to have both serious and ridiculous conversations.This will be the only autobiography I will ever write. I grew up in an apartment, with books, the telly (watching cartoon network and disney channel) and a PS2 which I played for most of my waking hours. Brain size is usually more impressive than dick size. I am a single mum to one little girl, cause I was married and... Point is I haven’t dated much in my adult life and I’ve kind of been too busy to date much nowadays with kiddo. Part of me is just a hopeless romantic who likes to sigh wistfully over cheesy stories before bed… I’m tall for a woman, and white enough that the proper shade of foundation for me is known as “Albino Blinder” in the classy shops and “Belly of a Dead Fish” at Target. My lips are all right – they’re quick to quirk a sarcastic grin.My parents were absent during this time, working from dawn till dusk in a company they founded. My case is classic: I was bullied quite severely in my childhood, due to incongruent behavior stemming from then-undiagnosed autism. Mother developed Stage II breast cancer sometime in 2005, and my parents had always blamed me for it; Father said that the illness was catalysed by the stress of rearing an atypical child. But I’m super active and have a banging mum bod We can talk about the finer points of the Justice League, share our favourite subs (even the ones about putting your dick in weird places). I want someone open to sharing videos about themselves and their lives throughout the day. but the other part likes to laugh at them because of the plots. Guess I’m old enough now that the two faint lines between my eyebrows from scowling fearsomely at whatever I’m concentrating on are permanent.

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