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Google gets paid millions of dollars in the advertising revenue by these sites.

It is a corporate scam, not something an individual could operate on his own.

But before I explain to you what you can do, you also need to realize that you are unlikely to get your money back, just like you cannot get back the time you spent in the web of these scammers.

These scammers are professional criminals and the whole structure is very well organized. If I wanted to chase scammers, I would be working as a detective or federal agent. Let’s get to the juicy part of scammer-chasing, shall we?These are the people in the position of authority who are able to do something about it.One day, someone in position of power will see a benefit for himself or herself in addressing the issue and it will be over in weeks: PPL is a giant with legs of clay, it will collapse instantly.In December 2018, half a year ago, I told you I have finished with the pay-per-letter (PPL) pseudo-dating websites. Guys, if you have just began exploring how PPL dating scams work, first read all the posts on this website, there are plenty of links. You will find plenty of information and possibly groups of people who got scammed just like you. Any genuine Ukrainian girl will talk to you on Whats App instantly, they all are using it. You need to realize that it is only possible because you are paying per letter.I am returning to this topic once again to make it clear what needs to happen if you have been hurt by PPL websites and wish to protect other people from being defrauded by this system. My answer is always the same, let me put it down here, so I can send people to this post when I get such cries for help. Any person who talks to you via a pay-per-letter site is doing it for money. Otherwise, it would be impossible to quantify “the work done” and hire people to fake relationships.

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