Sears catalog dating

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The Sears' Tower's completion five years later may not mark the company's peak, but its retail dominance began to fade around that time.

In the 1980s, it adopted a "socks and stocks" strategy, expanding into financial services beyond its existing insurance business.

The company stopped selling Whirlpool appliances in 2017, which it carried since 1916.

An internal company memo reportedly cited pricing disputes.

When its Chapter 11 filing was announced, Sears had nearly 700 stores open in the U.

ESL also offered to buy the Home Improvements business for million in cash.

It opened a 40-acre logistics center in Chicago that very same year.

According to Sears' corporate archives site, Henry Ford made a pilgrimage to this "'seventh wonder' of the business world" to learn about the company's storied efficiency.

Revenues totaled 0 million that year—around .8 billion in today's dollars.

The company began to introduce its own brands, including Craftsman, Die Hard, and Kenmore.

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