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lists 14 symptoms of Seasonal Dating Disorder that can help you determine if you have SDD.The main indicator is the feeling of needing a partner during cold months but then feeling trapped in the relationship come springtime and heading for the hills every year for three years or more. I checked Merriam-Webster dictionary and it defines a disorder as “an abnormal physical or mental condition.” So, what if chronic seasonal mating isn’t abnormal but is merely biological?People who are unable to commit come in all shapes, sizes, and age groups.Women and men are, after all, waiting longer and longer to get married– if at all.Tristan Coopersmith wrote a fantastic article for She called “How to Survive All 7 Stages of a Brutal Breakup.” It’s a great place to start.Plus-size women are more likely to attract male attention in cold weather months, possibly courting springtime heartbreak, according to a new survey by a leading plus-size dating app which blames recently-acknowledged “Seasonal Dating Disorder.” Woo Plus noted a 30-percent surge in male subscribers in November, leading executives to survey their female clients about winter dating.Here are some numbers that lead me to believe seasonal mating is not abnormal: — March is the month that couples are most likely to divorce or file for divorce.

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“As soon as winter is over they show their true face.The Independent’s article on SDD focused on it affecting millennials, both male and female claiming to have symptoms.And your pant size doesn’t necessarily matter– so let’s just assume that age doesn’t really matter either.When the folks at dating app Woo Plus sent an email with “Seasonal Dating Disorder” in the title, I raised an eyebrow.We have eating disorders, exercise disorders, bipolar disorders, sleep disorders, personality disorders, body dysmorphia disorder, and now a dating disorder.

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