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They like to feel free to express themselves in the world in their own unique way.They are often drawn to adventure, travel, and freedom. Trying to control an empath causes them to lose the light that guides them.They really feel and, in many cases, take on the emotions of others. Some empaths can feel emotions of those near them and some can even feel emotions from those a vast distance away. This is why empaths need to be extremely selective about who they surround themselves with. Anything that takes away from their freedom is very debilitating.They get bored and distracted if they’re not stimulated.It can be tiring always feeling the energy of the people surrounding them, please don’t be mad or annoyed when they need to refuel on their own.It doesn’t mean they don’t love or want to be around you.It means they need to quiet their mind and replenish their energy.

The warning signs of dating violence will not always be dramatic, but if you know what to look for you might be able to identify an abusive relationship before it becomes dangerous.

When they feel the appreciation they are yours forever. Even a post-it note on a mirror brings joy to them.

They believe that quality time is the best gift they can give. These loving souls will try to help you attain your goals.

This means experiencing various feelings embedded in the stories being told.

The ultra-sensitive empath feeling a sense of responsibility to listen, tends to soak in the emotional pain and in some cases, absorbs the physical symptoms the other person is having as well.

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