Skeptic dating

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If you are just dating, I personally would cut my loses. Two people of different natures if they stay together will often become very good friends, but birds of a feature flock together.There is no substitute for two solitudes in life that come together with this same vision.The I and X (and possible V) forms go along with that, and we do have a much later example of tally marks using precisely that system. Therefore the "anti lice" hairstyle was probably quite common as it is known to all males who see the, logically, also have the same "anti lice" hairstyles 24,000BP? I have a gut feeling that the hairstyle may be unique to females because it appears as an accentuated characteristic on the Venus like the big tits and I do assume the Venus is a fertility symbol of female characteristics I do not agree with the 'fertility symbol' interpretation. in pretty much the modern form has been around for 200,000 years, and has had the same brain and hands for all that time. Look at the structure of the evidence, consider the origination; me, I think random intended scratches by idle stone age minds is better than accidental scratches by heavy handed stone age leather workers.

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Additionally Salomed should have thought it through that there was only one scraper found with these markings indicating it WASN'T a communication system. Is she "blind" like "Justice" to the foibles of individuals? "Knowledge grows through infinite timelessness" -- the random fictional Deepak Chopra quote site "Imagine an ennobling of what could be" -- the New Age BS Generator site "You are also taking my words out of context." -- Justin "Nullius in verba" -- The Royal Society ["take nobody's word for it"] #ANDAMOVIE Is Trump in jail yet? A weave is as it suggests, intricate and systematic knotting, often applied with oil.It's proof that we are heading for the end of this branch of Homo sapiens, all six of us!The engraved stone is only 20,000 to 24,000 years old and is from the same time as the Venus of Willendorf.Here is a paper on the Shuidonggou dig in China, specifically on "scrapers" from where the "marked scraper" was unearthed that explains the dating process.Somehow, by magic, another 10,000 years has been added to the age of the scraper in the linked article.

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