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@ OFF-JFL Festival Performances: Fri., July 19, pm and Sat., July 20, pm Venue: Main Line Theatre, 3997 Blvd.

“We want to bring together a certain calibre of people at these events,” she explains.

Owner and creator Kavita Ajwani saw an opportunity while working part time at an event planning company for setting up a high quality dating service for singles in Montreal.

Since its launch Dashing Date has hosted over 35 events across the city.“While I was setting up a lot of singles events, I noticed that there were very few options for singles in Montreal, especially quality options,” Ajwani explains. “I didn’t see any options for the crowd of people I wanted to accommodate so I ventured off into my own event planning ideas.”So, what is Dashing Date.com?

According to creator Ajwani, people don’t want to attend an event where just anyone off the street can walk in.

That statement rings true for many since many singles are looking for a specific “type” or person to interact with.“We are very personable with the way we connect with our clients,” she explains.

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