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New York has no plans to increase the speed limit to 65 mph on any additional roads.What is the state's strategy for enforcing the speed limit laws?Over 200 Sheriff's departments and municipal agencies participate in the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program which targets speeding as well as other unsafe violations.Each year, the state Department of Transportation and the Division of State Police identify traffic corridors where speeding is contributing to unsafe conditions as indicated by crash data.What do I do when it seems that everyone else is exceeding the speed limit? If you choose to follow the crowd and travel at the same speed as everyone else, you could receive a ticket for speeding.The law does not make exceptions because everyone else is speeding too.Largest singles meetup group on Long Island; hosting Dinner Parties, Dances, Shows and Fun Activity events for singles; Meetups held in Nassau & Suffolk counties I understand and personally know what it feels like to be suddenly "out there" again.Online dating can be a drag and that is why I personally chose to create this type of community meetup; interacting face to face; to help singles make new friends in a fun and friendly ways.

If you feel there is a specific stretch of roadway in your community where speeding is a problem, you can report this to the State Police, your local police, state or local highway officials or other local official such as a Town Supervisor.

Vehicles traveling at higher speeds require more time to stop, will need to dissipate more energy in a crash (the crash will be more violent), and will reduce the effectiveness of vehicle's safety devices and crash barriers that help protect occupants in crashes.

Do I have to drive at the maximum speed limit or can I drive slower?

The maximum speed limit is just that, the maximum speed at which drivers can lawfully operate their motor vehicles.

This does not mean that drivers must drive at this speed limit; they can, and should in many cases, drive at speeds less than the maximum speed limit, such as when the pavement is wet or icy. Some Interstate highways have posted minimum speeds, usually 40 mph.

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