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About the time I noticed this, Raj quit kissing me and bent down pushing Ugly out of the way and put both arms between my legs lifting my 60 Kg body up in the air in one deft move.

I loved the thought that he was loving the taste of my pussy. I was surprised at how easily he got his finger in my virgin ass.I spread my legs a little as Raj moved in and got a look at his fully erect and thick cock. I was concerned that it was going to hurt and I quickly spread my legs as far as I could so that I could facilitate his dick.He did not hesitate and I think his dick got a little harder when he noticed me spreading my legs wide. I felt it slide in and bump past my cervix with no pain. I think I had a little orgasm right at that moment.I must have been dripping all over his face by now and I lifted one leg up on his shoulder.One was kissing me, one was sucking my tit and one was licking my pussy.

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