Starcevic and jen johnson dating

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After the show I bought her a car which she also made a MAJOR pain in the ass telling me, not asking but telling me to send her a blank check so she could go buy it.I finally put a stop to it by telling her if she didn't stop bugging me, I wasn't gonna buy her jack shit.

Watch out big brother superpass homepage of jen and flirtmances. I was and am fine with not getting invited, I probly wouldn't have gone anyhow.However this week's Power of Veto competition was won by Jameka Cameron, a single 28-year-old school counselor from Waldorf, MD.Jameka thought God wanted her to take Jen off the eviction chopping block because it was Jen who pulled her name to participate in the competition."I think you mean a lot more to me than you actually realize...I'm really, really sorry that you didn't make it farther." After Nick's elimination was revealed, the rest of the houseguests -- excluding Dustin, who as the outgoing Ho H was ineligible -- competed in the fifth Ho H competition "Time's Up," which saw them hanging onto oversized swinging clock pendulums in a test of endurance.

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