Sugardaddie dating sites

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Basically, you click on it, and the system pulls up a random Sugar Daddie match from your search list and you have to decide based on just the photo, username, age, and location if they are a yes or no.

If you select yes, they will inform the man that you are interested.

Most importantly, the lack of even basic profile information coming up in the search results makes this sugar dating site a hassle to use, and there’s very few really hot older men for dating on this site.

Trying to find personality in all the ugly and poorly done profile pictures is a waste of time.

Full access to all features.” However, from exploring this sugar dating site I can extrapolate a few of the features offered for a premium membership fee, including: A unique feature of the Sugar Daddie site is what they call a quality score, which is supposed to improve your chances of finding a perfect match.

A Sugar Baby’s quality score is determined by her activity in eight categories on their site: photos, emails, logins, forum posts, hobbies, favorites, meet my match, and searches.

There’s no list of what a premium membership gives you.

All it says is, “Read and send messages to other members.

In addition, Sugar Daddie provides a phone number for direct customer service rather than only by online contact.

Today I’m giving an inside look at the sugar dating site Sugar While there are some potentials to the site, my overall impressions were not very favorable, and I think it would be difficult to really find a great Sugar Daddie on this site.

Check out my review of Sugar Daddie and see what you think.

At the top of this page it states, “Make this bit as good as you can.

Our approval team will review it afterwards.” I found this intriguing and wondered if they really meant that someone reviews each Sugar Babe or Sugar Daddie profile.

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