Sumner redstone dating

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Redstone 2003 Trust dated July 23, 2003 and the Forty-First Partial Amendment thereto on their respective dates of execution, October 16, 2015 and May 20, 2016,” Cowan wrote in his decision, adding that the changes to the estate “were not the product of undue influence, fraud, duress, or mistake.” Herzer could not be reach for comment.

Shari Redstone has been fighting to retain control of her family’s estimated billion media empire for the last few years.

Cohan, “In 1999, he had gone on a dating spree, meeting with a slew of beautiful women, often with Herzer’s help … There’s no sex.'” Sumner also got in touch with another “favorite from the old days” named Heidi Mac Kinney, who the magazine says wrote in a court filing, “Mentally, Sumner was not present …

one of those women remained on retainer with Redstone, getting ,000 a month at the gate to Beverly Park whether she saw him or not.” The author quotes a former friend who adds, “In Malibu, Redstone relentlessly called out for her, demanding that she come over. He did not seem able to communicate with me, was frail looking, and was not fully aware of his surroundings or what was happening around him.” On her fourth visit, on Oct. “It was as if he did not understand what was happening.” A week later, Mac Kinney said, one of Redstone’s male nurses called her and this time Redstone “appeared even more disoriented, distant, and non-communicative …

She later became his health care agent and is now suing to be reappointed in charge of his care after she was kicked out of his home late last year.

According to the Vanity Fair piece, written by William D. She showed up, but ‘he can’t have sex, so it’s all in his head, right? ‘How can a guy with a feeding tube who can’t move have sex?

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An affair which ended in tears and exile from Redstone’s Beverly Hills palace in 2015.Among those sign-offs are Herzer herself, Shari Redstone and a bumpy horizontal line from Sumner Redstone.Avoiding the spectacle of a trial, the very nature of the agreement hints in some ways that more might be at work in the greater Redstone Empire.3, he was “completely non-responsive and vacant,” she wrote. It was clear to me that he was not aware of my presence, much less able to communicate with me.” She said the nurse remained in the room with her and Redstone, who was “directing me and telling me what sex acts I should perform.” She said the nurse would sometimes tell Sumner he had finished, “when in fact he had not …Sumner appeared to believe him, not aware of the truth.” The magazine also refers to an alleged sex tape, made by one of Sumner’s “handlers.” Cohan writes, “According to people who have heard about it, the tape shows a ‘butt naked’ Redstone watching two women kissing.

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