Superbowl ad dating Pantyhose dating sex

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The spot is 30 seconds and it shows two men on a sofa, watching a football game.After one of the two throws his hands in the air with a cheer for a touch down for his team, he turns to the other guy who is a fan of the opposing team and offers an in your face gotchya moment to his teams loss.

, Man Crunch, a gay dating service, submitted an ad to CBS with the intention of getting it aired in one of the highly coveted slots available during the Super Bowl.If you abortion types are so offended, don't watch the Superbowl. UPDATE: In the comments, I was given this link to a site where you can be an encouragement to Tim Tebow. That message is: Choose your battles wisely people!I had never heard of the young man until I read about his ad.(I don't watch football though I do enjoy the Superbowl for some reason.) I found his story very touching.

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