Svn error error while updating filelist

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I thought it could be related to tortoise svn's incompatibility in Windows 10, so I downloaded command line svn, but still the same error is also seen as below.

After long hours of searching finally came across a solution, through a Google Group conversation.

Then tried to browse & got this error: Error: Error while updating filelist (PROPFIND of '/': 200 OK ( Execute: Checkout Error: Error while performing action: PROPFIND of '/': 200 OK ( Error: Error while updating filelist (PROPFIND of '/': 200 OK ( Ready ------------------------------------------------------

I'm trying to update my new repository which is stored in cloud assembla .

Attached are logs from when the files work, and when they don't, and the vmdk and vbox in question. No need to open previously closed tickets, just because they mention "raw disk".

And you can't be having both BLKCACHE_IIOERR, which it what this ticket is about, *and* VERR_ACCESS_DENIED, which is what #16454 is about.

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