Tantra dating website

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“Tantra Speed Date is a culmination of not only Tantra, but a lot of things,” Guy said.

“It brings the mindful practices we teach to a speed date format.

Their goal is to see participants walk away with many new friends and new love interests.

Tantra Speed Date events attract well-educated and open-minded adults who want to learn more about dating while expanding their social connections.

The Short Version: Tantra Speed Date has been called “yoga for your love life.” Its speed dating events stand out because of the organizers’ focus on education, healing, and mindfulness.

Participants leave their preconceived notions at the door and enter an open-minded and open-hearted dating environment.

It ensures they have the skills to maintain healthy sex lives when the time comes.

Responsible parents are expected to talk to their children about how sex works, but, all too often, that formal discussion doesn’t include how relationships work.

This sex talk teaches young people what to expect and how to stay safe when getting intimate with a partner.So singles can start off on the right foot.” Tantra Speed Date prides itself on offering more than just a dating environment — it offers a new perspective on relationship-building and human connections.The event’s staff go the extra mile by giving singles a lesson on chemistry, gender roles, and dating before introducing them.“We model for the participants how to get into healthy relationship roles before the dating aspect begins, so they are set up for success,” Guy explained.During coaching sessions, Guy and Lauren outline the differences between masculine and feminine qualities to help daters understand their role in a relationship.

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