The dating diaries by kristen kemp

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She makes a resolution -- she will date twelve guys in twelve weeks, making up for all the time she wasted with Paul. Dating is difficult -- and difficult can be both fraught and fun.

Katie's about to find out what she's been missing .

She hated it when I threatened to pray, so I prayed loudly whenever I wanted her to make her disappear.

I was not religious either, but I didn't think she'd figured that out yet.

A buoyant and observant comedy about having a long-term relationship end -- and discovering what life is like outside of it.

Now she's about to see what life is like without Paul -- and what it's like to date. Until one day she starts wearing make-up, and gose on a dating rampage.

Kemp grew up in Indiana but moved to New York City to be a full-time writer.

She stays busy writing for women's and teen magazines and is currently a contributing editor at YM. Kemp grew up in Indiana but moved to New York City to be a full-time writer.

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Katie James has been dating Paul for the past five years, since seventh grade. The last time she was on her own, she was wearing a training bra.

I looked into the handheld woe-is-me mirror I kept on my nightstand.

When I watched my face contort into sadness, I cried even harder.

While generally a formulaic and predictable story, Kemp does take some unexpected twists and turns in Katie and Matt's saga, which keep the reader interested.

The Dating Diaries is realistic enough that many readers will feel an affinity with Katie.

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