The most intimidating fans

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Sure, it helps when you can throw Alex Ovechkin out on the ice for 25 minutes a game, but the general aura surrounding the team has changed ever since the Capitals went red.They'll be tough on you, but you can call it "tough love," the kind of love a father might give you because he just wants you to succeed and do well.Study has shown that intimidation in sports is what gives most teams victory not necessarily that they are better than the other team.This act of intimidation can come in different forms, but the aspect we are discussing in this article is the one impeded in the team names, names such as Thunder, Tiger, Rockets, Ghosts etc will make the opponent shiver even before the game starts.Canadian cities, across the board, are almost excessively passionate about their hockey teams, and Flames supporters are no different.Dubbed Hockeytown, USA, Detroit has the ability to blow the roof off of Joe Louis Arena at any given moment - and then there's the issue of dodging octopuses while on the ice.“I know it’s been a struggle for us this season, but I’m just thankful that our supporters are still here with us,” an emotional Koga addressed the crowd after the game.

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The City of Brotherly Love is known for being the exact opposite of their moniker - "unbrotherly" and generally unloving to "sports outsiders.With three players delivering career performances and a highlight worthy of play of the year, the Cagers subdued the Capitals, 106-100, for just their third win in eight games.Jamil Ortuoste delivered a career-best 24 points, Ryusei Koga dished out a double-double of 22 points and 14 assists and Edcel Mag-isa tallied 23 points and 11 rebounds as the Cagers snapped the Capitals’ three-game winning streak.Over the years, several NHL fanbases have established themselves as clear-cut heavy hitters when it comes to "bringing the noise" on game day.But there's no denying that as an opposing player, stepping out on the ice to the sound of tens of thousands of rowdy fans simultaneously hissing at you while making the ground shake as the home team steps out on the ice can shake a psyche and rattle even the most stable athletes to their core.

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