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This means that once your new Word Press website is launched and live online, there will be periodical updates that will need to be done to the Word Press core software, the theme and the plugins used in your Word Press website on an ongoing basis.

Our fee to do software maintenance updating support when updates like these are required for your website on a pay as you go basis is hr (0.5hr min).

This means the only time code is run for a push notification (in other words, the only time the battery is used) is when the user interacts with a notification by clicking it or closing it.

If you're not familiar with them, check out the service worker introduction.

Click the title in the toggle box below to view the set Web Support packages we offer.

We can also create customized Web Support packages to suit your specific website updating needs if more hours are required annually.

Let us manage your website, while you manage your business.

"Our website is the central hub of all our marketing.

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Fortunately, the process by which amendments can be managed encompasses just four steps: I am an experienced commentator on web operations.We will use service worker code in later sections when we show you how to implement pushes and notifications.Push and notification use different, but complementary, APIs: push is invoked when a server supplies information to a service worker; a notification is the action of a service worker or web page script showing information to a user.For example, they are also concerned with developments that have the potential to affect future integrity.As such, a mechanism is needed by which the impact of amendments can be managed.

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