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In this section you can find fact sheets to help you sort through the complex issues surrounding HIV treatment for women, including information about what drugs you are taking and how they work against HIV, possible side effects, the importance of taking your drugs exactly as directed, understanding your lab tests, and more. How can you get pregnant without passing HIV to your partner or baby?

The articles in this section focus on how HIV is spread (transmission) and how to avoid getting or spreading it (prevention). Find answers to these and many more questions here.

This section covers a variety of health and medical issues that affect women living with HIV.

Some of these are related to how HIV weakens the immune system, while others may be the result of HIV treatment.

One of the primary goals of The Well Project is to change the course of the HIV/AIDS pandemic through information and education.

In this section, you will find more than 110 articles containing easy-to-read, accurate information specifically designed for women and girls.

Whether you are living with HIV or looking for information about prevention, there is a wealth of valuable information here on medical, cultural, and advocacy topics.

We strive to provide these fact sheets in a supportive, empowering manner to help women worldwide overcome the stigma, ignorance, and gender inequalities that contribute to the epidemic among women.

Visit this section to find the articles our readers consider the most popular and most important.This section features members of our community advisory board as well as other advocates working to end the epidemic of HIV among women and girls.In this section, we provide access to recordings, slides, and other supporting materials from our live webinars.You will find basic information on HIV, testing positive, safer sex, pregnancy, STDs, and caring for a woman’s body. Foods rich in protein and calories may help you increase and keep a healthy weight.

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