Tired of dating black women

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Unlike the square-jawed bachelors who disrespected her, Argese is more boy-next-door in the looks department. “He’s not a model, but he’s so much more attractive in who he is as a person,” Young says.And best of all, she says, Argese doesn’t just see her as a status symbol.“When men see beautiful women, they are more concentrated on how she looks because they want to ‘have’ her, and so they don’t want to go deeper and get to know her,” says Isabell Giardini, a 22-year-old Italian beauty signed with Major Models.

“Beautiful women who get a fair amount of attention get full of themselves,” he says.

“When I asked him why he loves me, he said that he loves my drive and my passion,” Young says.

Rochkind is equally enthusiastic about his decision to give up high-maintenance hotties.

“As a person who’s always been complimented on [my] ‘stunning beauty’ …

I’d been searching for a ‘hot’ guy to match the label I had always been given,” says Young.

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