Top intimidating dogs

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I have a dog his name is Bo he is a beagle mix and he is the SWEETEST he still has his puppy eyes even though he's an adult and so Funny he is VERY fast and when he knows he is in trouble he just walks away.

It's pretty funny, and beagles (Well, mine is a mix so not sure) are 0 going to make you laugh. Beagle One of my teachers have a beagle, he is so chubby and cute!

The breed is known as the Alsatian in Britain and Ireland.

German Shepherds get a bad rap because there have been instances of the dogs biting people(they have one of the strongest set of jaws out of any dog breed), but if you take care of them and give them love, you'll find a very rewarding experience.

Border collies can be smarter but for trainer German shepherds are less hyper usually ..When ever I hear german shepherd it always remind of a german shepherd his name was cherry it was 1 week old when I adopted it and he died when he was 10 weeks old I still remember the good times I had I can't choose any other dog over my cherry I will always remember you cherry and you will always be in my heart. The Labrador is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the United Kingdom and the United States. She loves sleeping with me but is very anxious around other dogs. However I still love Rocky and Cookie and Dash will forever be in my heart. They are the sweetest and most loveable companions that are always loyal. I had two labs, both yellow labs one died, not because of pit bull, I will tell you story.When I was in bed, he came up next to me and kept me warm.I cannot thank him enough for being my best friend throughout most of my life, and for the one time he did something I can never repay him for.In reality, most German Shepherds are giant puppies at heart. My German Shepherd, Gunner, figured out how to enter the house by opening the screen door with his nose!However, this dog breed is definitely not for inexperienced or busy dog owners.

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