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They were members of the Upper Band of the Interior Salish Indians and called themselves “Sn-tutuul-i”, the meaning of which is not known.In about 1783, fur traders from the North West Company began traveling through the area.With the exception of the incorporated Town of Millwood, Washington, the Spokane Valley was developed as townships with no governmental functions.Most of the townships platted in the early 1900’s were surveyed as a tool for promotion and sales, and remain as names for neighborhoods and post office designations today.The first permanent white settler in the Spokane Valley was a retired French-Canadian trapper, Antoine Plante, who built a small cabin near the Spokane River in 1849.

A huge packing plant was built in 1911 by the Spokane Valley Growers Union.

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The creative staff works hard, stays positive and makes this place wonderful. From the guests' point of view, prices are attractive. This has happened multiple times I do not feel safe at night in that area.

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