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An attacker can easily rebuild a package with the same version number as the one that is supposed to fix the problem but with a different security exploit and release it on the Internet.If this happens, using security measures, such as verifying files against the original Before installing any security errata, be sure to read any special instructions contained in the erratum report and execute them accordingly.See Table 3.1, “Security-related commands usable with yum updateinfo” for an overview of these commands.When updating software on a system, it is important to download the update from a trusted source.See Section 3.1.3, “Applying Changes Introduced by Installed Updates” for general instructions about applying changes made by errata updates.After downloading and installing security errata and updates, it is important to halt the usage of the old software and begin using the new software.

Additional controls need to be used to protect the system during the time between the release of the update and its installation on the system.

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It would have been helpful to provide a link to what procedure IS recommended if you're trying to update/upgrade across major revisions. Should I delete the machine from the RHN and add it again later? Hello, There is no supported upgrade path between major versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. But the resulting system, may have problems that Red Hat would be unable to resolve without a full install.

As per document link, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Installation Guide, Chapter 37.

Upgrading Your Current System Once upgraded or re-installed, re-register system as described at How do I re-register my system with Red Hat Network (RHN) Classic ?

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