Updating vizio firmware nault dating

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Therefore, updating the firmware of your Vizio TV is quite easy and won’t take most of your time.

You may be prompted to update right away by the notification on the screen.

The reason for this is because film studios regularly change their implementation of copy protection with new releases.

These changes are out of VIZIO's control and may prevent some players from properly playing new titles."I asked how long the Update should take, and was informed that 30 minutes to an hour tops is the average speed.

Hello, I just contacted Vizio directly, and here is the answer I received from them: VIZIO LIVE CHAT: "While I understand you are looking for the update the are no longer available on our website, we cannot be held responsible for corrupted downloads, incorrect firmware installed, or errors during installation.

After selecting the system option, a new screen will appear displaying the option for checking for updates and the system information about the Vizio TV.If you unplug the player from AC power for 60 seconds, then plug it back in and turn it on, ANY updates will begin automatically and will then be complete within 60 minutes from initial power on.I wish I had an actual download page for you, but this was the information I received from Vizio and having the player connected to the Ethernet cable, and then to your network in your home is all that is needed to have the unit automatically receive updates.Do you know exactly where I can get the actual download?Now this may seem like a stupid question, but would the ethernet thing not work if there was a disc in the player at the time?

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