Updating wordpress

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It is now able to resolve script problems without necessarily having to terminate the entire process.

That’s good news to those site visitors who don’t like to deal with faulty websites (hint: that’s all of them).

Consequently we tend to have fairly vanilla installations. You may find steps on how to do that in step #3 of the article on Java Script debugging.

I’d also like to ask that we move this off into a new topic, as you’re causing a whole lot of notification emails to go out to the other participants on another users topic by taking it over like this.

Using Gutenberg on the latest Ffx on Ubuntu, I get the following every 10 seconds in my Apache logfile: “POST /wp/index.php/wp-json/wp/v2/posts/5/autosaves?

_locale=user HTTP/1.1” 404 So the regular ‘save’ is receiving a 404 each time.

However, that also means that any problems with site performance that stem from PHP are yours to fix.

Your visitors can have the fastest computer in the world, however, if your server is low on resources, that’s not gonna make much of a difference. Because PHP is so important to Word Press, it’s also a central part of site performance.

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In addition to the above, the lifetime of older PHP versions is running out.That’s because, just like Word Press, new versions of PHP bring a lot of improvements with them.As it progresses, the languages gets more secure, faster, leaner, less resource hungry and just overall better.In fact, just the jump from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7 was a great leap forward.One of the main improvements PHP 7 offers to Word Press users is increased speed.

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