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In particular, we want to encourage the use of threat assessment and management teams in helping deal more effectively with such situations on campuses.

In 2014, the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security and Campus Crime Statistics Act, or Clery Act, was amended to require covered colleges and universities to address reports of dating violence, domestic violence and stalking through disciplinary procedures that are generally the same as those used to respond to reports of sexual assault.

This practice effectuates the two-tiered threat assessment/disciplinary concept outlined above, and recognizes that promoting safety is the institution’s highest priority.

Further, using a TAM team in such a way can be of enormous benefit to Title IX coordinators and their staffs.

Some institutions we work with have, however, adopted innovative approaches designed to break down those silos.

The bottom line: Title IX coordinators are not equipped to do threat assessment and management on their own. They can work with their institution’s TAM team to promote safety in sensitive cases involving intimate partner violence and stalking. Threat assessment and management is a multidisciplinary process.

We hope this discussion of common challenges and opportunities will help colleges and universities to adopt practices to deal most effectively with cases of intimate partner violence and stalking -- starting with the creation of threat assessment and management teams. Nolan is the chair of the education practice group at Dinse, PC, and a senior consultant with Sigma Threat Management Associates.

He consults with, represents and does training and investigations for colleges and universities throughout the United States on issues including Title IX/Clery Act compliance and threat assessment.

As one of our colleagues often says, “We need to collect the dots before we can connect the dots.” It takes representatives from all relevant corners of the campus community to do that well.

Colleges and universities can promote safety in intimate partner violence and stalking cases if we recognize that it is a shared responsibility and develop community awareness campaigns, training, reporting structures and threat assessment protocols that prioritize early notification and action.

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