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Within our site you can search for and play Youtube videos, post .gif, and giphy images, private message, stream or view webcams, post on walls and use emoticons / emojis.

In here you keep an array of humorous and mystical ARTIFACTS, each one a devastating weapon in the hands of a SKILLED MAGICIAN or a CUNNING PRANKSTER. Among the ARTIFACTS are: TWO (2) FAKE ARMS [CURRENTLY CAPTCHALOGUED IN YOUR SYLLADEX], ONE (1) PAIR OF TRICK HANDCUFFS, ONE (1) STUNT SWORD, ONE (1) MAGICIAN'S HAT, ONE (1) PAIR OF BEAGLE PUSS GLASSES, SEVERAL (~) SMOKE PELLETS, SEVERAL (~) BLOOD CAPSULES, and ONE (1) COPY OF COLONEL SASSACRE'S DAUNTING TEXT OF MAGICAL FRIVOLITY AND PRACTICAL JAPERY, and ONE (1) COPY OF HARRY ANDERSON'S "WISE GUY", BY MIKE CAVENEY. You guess maybe this is one respect in which the cards present some convenience. SBURB is this game that a lot of cats seem hella pumped of. That's fine, I'm sure that's like fucking dynamite in a handbag for some brosephs. s=3 MSPAINT ADVENTURES Midnight Crew You are members of a sinister gang called the Midnight Crew. You turn to the back inside cover, where a free FETCH MODUS is included in a plastic sleeve. And strikingly similar to the one scooped up from the soot of a burning Vegas strip by Cage's Poe and offered to his daughter, a gesture symbolic of a tattered exterior surrounding a heart of gold. You just hope he doesn't notice the MAGIC CHEST on the roof.

You like to program computers but you are NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You will have to use the pellets first in order to access the arms. Another day you marked was supposed to be the arrival date for the highly touted SBURB BETA LAUNCH. So this one time he was leaning against the screen door and the shit popped open, and the back deck was wet and he slipped down the steps and broke his thumb on the lawn. You are quite certain there has never been, nor ever will be... While you are wearing the items, they remain on the card, but it is temporarily removed from the deck, thus freeing up the cards beneath it. On one wall hangs a picture of a fella who sure knows how to have a laugh, a man after your own heart. If I may direct the incisive ogle of your beagle puss to the wriggling regency of rubber bugs, plastic parasites, squirming serpents, pliable pests, and every such order and phyla of creepy-crawlie! In further exhibits we shall dwell on artifice useful to your exploits. What about a bit of iron cord; it shouldn't prove elusive. You will need to engineer some sort of distraction. There is also a SPRING-MOUNTED POGO-RIDE, which has been responsible for more than one painful injury, and has provided you with years of lament. This is your "Mc Conaughey Wall", a casual shrine to an amazing actor. ] MYCHUMHANDLE : ☺ ecto Biologist MOOD : [☺ CHUMMY ] [☺ BULLY ✓ ] [☺ PALSY ] [☺ PEPPY ] [☺ CHIPPER ] [☹ RANCOROUS ] [PESTERCHUM] [SB] [SYSTEM] You take TWO (2) FANCIFUL HARLEQUINS. But more importantly, it pushes the CRUXITE to the last card making it available for tinkering. Submitting inquiry of concern over cataclysmic event. [SYSTEM] GAMESPOT Game FAQs TM Email Sign Up Search : All Platforms go | Home | What's New | Contribute | Features | Boards | My Games | Answers | Help | Platforms : DS | GBA | Game Cube | PC | PS2 | PS3 | PSP | Wii | Xbox | Xbox 360 | All Systems PC → Miscellaneous → Immersive Simulation Sburb Beta Home | Data | FAQs | Cheats | Saves | Reviews | Images | My Games | Answers | Board General FAQs ○ FAQ/Walkthrough 04/13/09 tentacle Therapist ○ FAQ/Walkthrough 04/10/09 Sanctuary Remix ○ FAQ/Walkthrough 04/11/09 winnie the poop 2 ○ FAQ/Walkthrough 04/11/09 Chaos Demon ================================================================================== [A000] An Examination of the Basics ================================================================================== Upon connecting with the client user, you, the server user, will be met with a control panel allowing you to manipulate your co-player's environment.

You still aren't totally sure what that means, but you are starting to get the hang of the vernacular at least. You aren't totally sure if "EQUIP" is a verb copasetic with the abstract behavioral medium in which you dwell, but you give it a try anyway. Their card is underneath the one you just used to captchalogue the SMOKE PELLETS. We were going to chill in front of The Dark Knight and he was so psyched of it y'all. Hell's bells, we are having a mighty sporting time of it! We've merely nicked the mahogany of our japing chests. The jewel in its crown is the SWING SET which has provided you with years of joy. You're not usually into chick-flicks, but Matthew Mc Conaughey's cool charisma could salvage any heap of smoldering wreckage. Soiled tie will be laundered immediately upon return f well Pressed Attire - Use ballpoint pen to roll up tip of cloth. f grayslacks66 - Was posturing unevenly to reach for hat on wall hook. PESTERCHUM 6.0 CHAT CLIENT CHUMROLL : - turntable Godhead ☺ tentacle Therapist - garden Gnostic [PESTER!

To search for something, hit Ctrl F (or Apple F) and type what you're looking for. If your text is in one of the commands or captions, it'll show up here. Though it was thirteen years ago he was given life, it is only today he will be given a name! Is it even possible to get any more hard boiled than that? The FAKE ARMS are pushed entirely out of the deck!!! In any case, you now feel like you have gathered enough things to get down to business and do some really important stuff. This mission is going to be more difficult than you imagined. As domestic myth of unaccountable origin holds, a home borrows the spirit of the flame for as long as it makes a guest of it, much as the moon takes liberty with the sun's rays. :: tentacle Therapist :: PESTERLOG : -- tentacle Therapist [TT] began pestering ecto Biologist [EB] at -- TT: I understand you have recently come into possession of the beta release of "The Game of the Year", as featured in respectable periodicals such as Game Bro Magazine. The door on the left leads to the KITCHEN, from which the smell of baking wafts -- a powerful aroma which could lift an especially portly hobo off his feet. On the desk is a DECK OF PLAYING CARDS, one of your DAD'S PIPES, the April issue of THE SERIOUS JESTER magazine, and a stray CAPTCHALOGUE CARD. A severe peanut allergy is a terrible affliction to cope with. The peanut gallery over there sure is getting a kick out of it. You go back into the LIVING ROOM and contemplate checking the mailbox outside. Wind skims the voids keeping neighbors apart, as if grazing the hollow of a cut reed, or say, a plundered mailbox. It's the one Desolation plays to keep its instrument in tune. You don't see any mail, but you do see a GREEN PACKAGE. You don't know what you were even thinking with this foolish ruse!!! Cursing your lack of foresight, you return to the BALCONY for the CRUXITE DOWEL you left on the pedestal. You also like to KNIT, and your room is a BIT OF A MESS. The life of the client user depends on it, and if your co-player has activated this device in your environment too, then yours does as well.

You were never all that great with data structures and you find the concept puzzling and mildly irritating. You've been meaning to hang another poster there soon. But it's cool, I still got another watch in me, Brotel Rwanda. Or HARLEQUINS, as he is quick to correct anyone who would venture such brazen assumption. Funny is funny, but your DAD sure can be a real cornball. In a home, a FIREPLACE needs a fire, because that's what FIREPLACE is for. In retrospect, upon mulling cinematic tropes regarding ash-filled urns, this outcome was a virtual certainty. A board, splintery fence - a bucket of whitewash perhaps? And what of that tawny gent who puts his lackadaisical lean near the sarsaparilla font? The CAKE forces COLONEL SASSACRE'S TEXT out of your SYLLADEX. Maybe later you'll switch the background image to something hilarious as a prank. Your spare CAPTCHALOGUE CARD is forced out of the SYLLADEX, and consequently integrated with the deck. However, units of BUILD GRIST are a gaming abstraction and do not seem to exist on the physical plane! You enjoy creative writing and are SOMEWHAT SECRETIVE ABOUT IT. It's quite possible that you have already deployed some of these items before reading this.

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