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You see, with most sites there's a homepage, some previews, and links to videos, and a drop-down menu which takes you to the rest of the website. Not radically so, but the designers clearly decided to go in a different direction in terms of function and aesthetics.At the top of the page are listed all of the main site functions like logging in, searching for vids, and other specialty search tools like what’s popular or what has been recently uploaded.I tried it a few times and got literally thousands of search results with the press of one button.Next to that button is a popular category tab which does the same thing, so the ways you can search this site is pretty thorough.However, nowadays tube sites and porn companies have found a way to co-exist where studios can make money, free websites can operate and get some scratch too, and people can still get porn without any charge.An example of this is Mansurfer which operates on what I call an exposure model.Découvrez Simple Hosting, notre cloud en mode Paa S à partir de 4€HT par mois (-50% la première année pour les clients domaine) Découvrir notre offre This domain name has been registered with It is currently being parked by the owner See the domain's public registration information Register a domain name At Gandi, you can choose from over a hundred different extensions, and benefit from a wide range of services included with your domain (email, forwarding, SSL, etc.) Search for a domain Simple Hosting Discover Gandi's Simple Hosting, our cloud-based Paa S service starting at €4 per month (50% off the first year for domain name customers). Man Surfer features Free Twink, Hunk, Jock, Stud, Muscle, Euro, Latin, Men, Guy, Gay, XXX, Porn Movies and Videos Check out Man Surfer today for for your daily dose of Gay Porn.

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From what I can tell, the reason for the Recent tab is because the homepage recycles existing videos to get them exposure and mixes fresh uploads with,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Spelling mistakes at internet search for zone, zone, zone, zone, zone, zone, zone, zone, zone, zone, zone,, If you do click on a video, you'll find that toward the bottom of the page, rather than just get genera recommendations you get to choose from other videos from the same studio that you're watching along with a separate related section underneath.So, if you're skipping from clip to clip, scrolling down and getting to a fresh vid is super simple.

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