Who is josie bissett dating

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Everyone loved Bissett's character, Jane Andrews Mancini - in part because she seemed so nice while the other characters did not."There were times where I felt I wish I got to play someone a little more bitchy or edgy," said Bissett.In the bedroom where she had been earlier that morning, the ceiling had completely collapsed.

The opening credits showed a bunch of impossibly attractive twenty-somethings walking arm in arm down that famous street in Los Angeles - one of them was Bissett.

"I ran down, and there was just this massive explosion right outside the kitchen on my deck.

The barbecue had exploded."The flames had traveled quickly from the deck, up to their bedroom attic, and all the way across to her daughter's room."It's just so powerful when you're in it," said Bissett.

She was pregnant with first her child when Melrose Place went off the air.

So Bissett decided to pick up a pen and add author to your resume."The show ended, I had Mason four months later, and was just like 'Oh I need something to do while they sleep all day' so that's when I started writing." Her first two books were "Making Memories" and "Little Bits of Wisdom."The fact that she hadn't written before didn't daunt her.

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