Who is lohan dating

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And to add more fuel to the fire, reports have alleged that the millionaire businessman met his new love interest in London while still dating the US actress.Despite having some 200,000 followers on her social media account, Yepifantseva is discreet about her personal life - choosing only to share her luxurious model lifestyle as well as her much-loved selfies.The lovebirds were spotted dining together at the "Circle of Light" in the Russian capital, publicly confirming their relationship.Yepifantseva, who also goes by her social media persona "Anna Phoenix", is now spending her time between the cities of London and Moscow, as well as her hometown of Dnepr in north-western Ukraine, where her mum, Svetlana, is Deputy Mayor.

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One of the rumored gifts is said to be a credit card, which reportedly Lohan have denied.

There’s growing speculation that Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan is getting ‘close’ with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman.

Some media outlets have been reporting that they might be dating as well.

He has been flying her around in his private jets and also bestowed her with innumerable gifts.

These gifts also include a gift-wrapped credit card, it is claimed.

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