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It looks like you and the whole company are having a great time with Hogarth's Progress. Two things attracted me to this production - firstly the brilliant cast, some of whom were attached at that point, and secondly the part of Robert Walpole in the first play, which would never normally come my way except in a cross-cast situation.Nick Dear described him as a cartoon when I first met him - and I’ve had enormous fun playing him. A lot of the cast spend a lot of time impersonating his creepy voice.

We carried that intimacy through to the stage and, luckily, managed to keep it as delicate and immediate as the writing.

People assume, if you’re an actor, that you enjoy being a show-off. With Garrick, it’s more about playing a show-off, about cultivating a sense of confidence and entitlement for the evening.

What is it about Hogarth and his struggles that speaks to a contemporary audience, do you think?

I don’t think I’ll ever see it acted, sung or played better. It travels with me on the commute to Kingston each day.

And finally, what are your plans after the run of Hogarth's Progress is over? Hogarth's Progress runs at the Rose Theatre until 21st October.

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