Win xp wireless validating identity

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Command prompt Info: Wired IP Address: Subnet Mask Default Gateway Ethernet plug disconnected: Wireless Adapter Info: IP Address Subnet Mask 255.255.0 The wireless network Connection 6 States: This Network requires a Network Key. but as I said it is currently locked in a [Validating identity] mode. Question: can any other device connect or is the same issue?pupuli Wired IP looks good, Wireless IP says "NO IP" which you already knew. Also see if there is any wireless profiles configured in the OS and delete them! I hooked up my other pc to wireless and it connected also the status indicator said that it was connected also.

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Double click that status icon to pull up Wireless Network Connection Status and it shows Connection Status: Validating identity Network: (name of my home network) Duration: (currently at -- yes "connected" for almost 3 hours, but not actually allowing internet connectivity) Speed 54.0 Mbps Signal Strength: 5 bars Activity Packets: Sent 256 Received 3 Sorry if this is over-detailed, (or maybe I've actually given too few details to solve the problem).How can I remove all the info and then have the pc search for a wireless network again...cause when it find the network a window should pop up asking for the key. You need to convert your WRT54GS to a WAP (wireless access point). Connect one computer, by wire, to any numbered port (not the Internet port) on the WRT54GS. Using an ethernet cable, connect any numbered port on the BEFSR81 to any numbered port on the WRT54GS. The BEF will control your router settings (firewall, DHCP server, port forwarding, etc.). If you are using any fixed LAN IP addresses, you must take note of the following: D-Link and Linksys use fixed LAN IP addresses diferently.The first thing that I would try is to open your device manager and left click the next to the network adapters tree to expand it.Find your wireless driver right click select uninstall.

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