Wordpress site not updating changes

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You can also think of “cache” as the saved data, even though browsers prefer to call this “Cached Data/Files”, but that is besides the point. You see, the browser sends HTTP requests to the server, where they are processed before the server responds with the requested resources (files, queries, logic etc).As far as Word Press websites go, caching involves saving a site’s static files on your browser or on the server side. Now, cache is the in-between mechanism that eliminates this round trip.You can do this easily by going to plugin settings page (in our demo, we’re showing W3 Total Cache). This should work for most folks and now the changes should be visible on the homepage.Next, you should look in your plugin settings to see if you can control what is cached by the Page Cache functionality.Well, this is most likely a Word Press Cache Issue.But fret not, turns out you can clear cache in Word Press in minutes and without breaking a sweat.However, if caching means good things for your page speeds and user experience, why would you want to clean cache in Word Press? Some Hosting Services have their own Caching System to reduce their server load.

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The button to clear your cache in WP Engine is located in it’s own admin panel at the top of the Word Press Dashboard.

Site Ground’s Super Cacher has it’s own Admin Panel that lets you quickly clear all the cache and also lets you enable Auto Flush and Dynamic Flush.

The best thing is to use Word Press Dashboard and Admin Controlled Caching Plugins.

If it does, then this means you need to setup your cache plugin correctly.

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