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You might have thought that seemed celebration enough. The perceptive among you might have noticed a seeming shortfall in our catalogue numbers between those of the most excellent debut by THE .

As some of you may recall, we recently reached the somewhat significant numerical milestone of no less than 100 separate CD releases over the last few years – culminating in the publication of the 32-page full-colour A4 magazine “Digital World Audio” complete with 15-track compilation CD.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, we thought, to have all those rad remixes side-by-side on one single CD for each remixer? And when we say “remixes” don’t for one moment imagine 100 tracks back-to-back at the same BPM.

Comprising of no less than 8 previously unreleased tracks, 5 never before available on CD, and 14 deleted, the 100 tracks of “DWA Xx X” (that’s “10 discs times 10 tracks”, get it?

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