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So much so, these semi notorious parts have landed him a sizeable part in a major movie franchise. It Ain't: Ed Westwick, Phillip Rhys, Tristan Wilds Actually, being uncloseted might be a shrewd move for a would-be boy heartthrob.

In seconds, Steve, whose looks are as sultry as his kiss (say his boyfriends), is poised to become the next the, no question. Doesn't he know that's how you get ahead (and stay ahead) in this superficial town of ersatz relationships and even faker People magazine spreads? With the slash craze at its height he might pick up MORE frau fans than if he played the usual game of don't ask, don't tell or pretended to date starlets and models.

Agreeing to do Star Trek = famewhore, not serious actor."Just five for now: Patrick Stewart, F. I don't know him personally, but if he's an asshole I wouldn't be surprised.

Murray Abraham, Eric Bana, Alice Krige, David Warner. He's a Carnegie-Mellon grad and they're among the worst people I've ever met.

They're gay, they just live their lives as gay men and that's that. All of you who think these guys have an obligation to hold a press conference and tell the world they're gay make no sense to me.

Just because the press has chosen not to report doesn't mean he's in the closet.[quote]He hasn't done a People cover, R5, or issued a press release but he's certainly more out than Anderson Cooper, who is constantly defended around here. He may or may not be an ass in person, but what matters to most of us in the audience is the relationship we will have with him -- on the small and big screen. He's getting consistently excellent reviews in what should have been a throw-away movie - "Star Trek."Here's just one, from"...

Rumer Glenn Willis was born August 16th, 1988, in Paducah, Kentucky, to actors Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.

She was named after the British novelist Rumer Godden.

Nimoy did that beautifully in the television series, and Quinto, with his somber eyes and perpetually quizzical eyebrows, carries the torch here.

Even his complexion looks like marble, a substance incapable of showing emotion until emotion is carved into it; Quinto does that from the inside out."He and Adam Lambert are out in the same sense, (Zac's BF knows Adam) but they don't feel the need to shout it from the rooftops.

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